Chant Sheets

Chant Sheet for LeBron James’ Second Return to Cleveland


Chant Sheet 2

Chant Sheet for LeBron James’ Return to Cleveland


Cavs Chants x Laugh at LeBron

50 thoughts on “Chant Sheets”

  1. I’d hope that Cleveland fans have more class than to taunt LBJ…but I know that won’t happen. I hate him as much as the next guy, but I think we should be the bigger ppl and show some good sportsmanship.


      1. Moridin (what the fuck is that anyway) you are a dumb ass who has probably never even been to Cleveland. And you act like a multi millionare cant go elsewhwere to sweet places for vacation. You are the reason people hate blogs because it allows idiots like you to post stupid shit like that.

    2. I agree with you! If they really want to get under LeBron’s skin they’d show him love and make him miss Cleveland lol. Treating him like crap is only going to make him work harder and be glad he left!

  2. Don’t know if it’s too late to add one, but here’s what I came up with (sung to the tune of the chorus of Uprising, by Muse):

    Cleve – land gets joy – ous

    When Heat aren’t vic – tor – i-ous

    James will no more thrill us

    Like Mc Coy and Hill – is

    1. Try coming up with a song that more than 3 people have ever heard. Or a song with a recognizable melody that 18,000 people in the Q arena would be able to sing without a voice coach.

      1. You cannot be serious. I literally do not know a single person other than my 85-year old grandfather who does not know that song.

  3. Do you have any plans to distribute copies of this before the game? You should pass them around outside of the stadium (to avoid any crap from the Cavs gestapo) in the Tower City tunnel and other walkway entrances and parking decks going into the game.

    The national media is expecting us to embarrass ourselves. Showing unity and 20,562 fans chanting the same thing would be impressive. Lets do it!

  4. I’m in Chicago and they are making fun of some of ridiculous ideas Cavs fans are coming up with. Laughing is a stupid idea. Please boo and maybe throw a drink or two on to the court. Thats it.

    1. Chad we all laugh at you and the city of Chicago because you are the only ones who can relate to not winning in such a long time as we can. The Cubs are a joke I love Steve Bartman

  5. I have to agree that laughing is stupid. 20,000 people collectively laughing is just going to sound like white noise. If you were going to do something original, I like complete and total silence for his intro. No clapping, no booing, no nothing.

    Of course, people not in on the joke are going to boo, and so the best idea is to probably boo for the intro and encourage your followers to be silent for the rest of the intros in order for the boos to really resonate.

    1. I have to agree that the laughing thing probably sounds better in your head than it will in the arena.

      The rest of this, however, is gold. Pure gold. Especially the “Cleveland Rocks” bit. Bonus points for you Cavs fans who know the entire song and try to get their section to sing it.

      In any case, as a Wisconsin resident and lifelong Packer fan, I went through this with Favre not too long ago. (I only wish I could have gotten more people to chant “Corn-bread Ju-das! clap*clap*clapclapclap* when he came back to Lambeau) The Cavs may be division rivals to the Bucks, but I can assure you that you Cavs fans have our sympathy and respect.

      Give him hell, Cleveland.

  6. Please tell me someone is getting 10,000 of these printed to hand out at the game. If I hear that song on the broadcast at the start of the 3rd quarter, it will be the greatest sports television moment of the year. Please make this happen.

  7. Such a shame. So much potential for a “Gloria, she smashed the homie!” chant and you didn’t do it. Bloody well done there, chap.

  8. seriously grow up……the nba is a buisness just like the JOBS (at least i hope some of you work) you have…. so whats different for him to change jobs just like you have?? your a bunch of idiots!!!! have fun tomorrow night…..

    1. When you quit a job, you give 2 week notice. You also help the company transition your work to someone else. Lebron did the basketball equivalent of not giving 2 weeks and destroying what he was working on. For confused people like you that think it’s about leaving, watch how we cheer for Z tonight. It’s not that he left, it’s how he left!

      Don’t comment on something you don’t even understand.

    2. Quit crying you know nothing about the NBA as you have shown with your comment. All Lebron did was ruine his legacy. Would Magic collaborate with Bird, NO. Because unlike Lebron they are competitors and like to play againt one another not with each other. If you think this is the case why not just have 4 teams in the lague all with star studded line ups. Also if they win now everyone ois going to think they should and if they lose like they are currently everyone will laugh at them.


    1. hahahahaha obviously the NBA isnt “just about the game” as you put it and it hasnt been for a while. With the players now its all about the money, where you play, and who you play with. It isnt about just enjoying playing the game of basketball anymore and Lebron is proving this.

  10. I think that he deserves whatever comes his way! As a fan, we look up to these players even though I’m older then James. You have to conduct your self in a way that displays class, style, being a pro (Jordan). James does and did not do that with the one hour show. Even if you leaving, at least I would of made that one hour all about my career in Cleveland and about the fans who supports him thick and thin in those 7 years. I think what he did is a major jerk off move oh and @krista, STFU! You show no class in coming in here talking some dumb stuff like that. Did he show class when he took a major shit on the city of Cleveland? I’m from NYC and I got mad when I seen that shit. Your an idiot and you should kill your self…………..NOW!!

  11. It’s amazing how pathetic you all are. Let’s get on a blog and talk about what we’re gonna do on Lebron’s intro, even though we wish we would still have him on our team! F*ckin losers! Oh ya, btw, this is being brought to you from Miami, the place all of you wish you were at!
    Peace LOSERS!!!!

  12. Really? Are we back in junior high? These chants are ridiculous and immature. PLEASE don’t embarrass the city any more than we have been. Haven’t we been through enough? I’m a die-hard Cleveland sports fan and have been through my share of disappointments in this city. We’ll get through this one as we always do. But pre-printed sophomorish chants? PLEASE!!

  13. It is so sad that Ohio is so lame, they spend so much effort trying to upset a basketball player! Just move, we all know cleveland blows. losers.

  14. @Quit crying already…We’re all idiots? You probably meant to say YOU’RE all idiots. If you are going to try and mock someone try and at least use proper English. “He Quit Thinking Already” hit it right on the head.

  15. @ F*ck Cleveland…You can have Lebron along with all the Cubans floating over on tires, hurricanes, and Jersey Shore wanna be douche bags. Just remember this, every team that won a championship in the past did it without Lebron. So thanks for taking him off our hands, tool.

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  17. Also I dont think anyone in Cleveland would take Lebron back. So people with the “you wish he was still on your team” stuff are wrong.

  18. hahaha… I live in australia and i don’t feel sorry for clevelanders. You losers are only showing your true colors especially your owner. Tell me how he’ll get a big name free agent to sign with your crapy team after all this bickering and behind the scenes undermining. He talks about tampering in the signing of lebron, what about tampering in the signing of jamison, and Z going away and coming back? Man whatever, i hope you clowns get trounced tonight.

  19. Tonight, LBJ is gonna drop the Cavs like a bad habit. Oh wait, he already did. I love all this chant stuff. Get into it, fans. Show him what you think. Piss him off. Get under his skin. And when you flip the Eff You switch, don’t be surprised when he orchestrates the dismantling of your team.

    Gilbert had THE BEST piece to structure an organization around and 7 years to get all the pieces to make it work. Don’t blame LeBron for noticing the organization was content with getting outcoached in the postseason and trying to win it with no talent to back him up. LBJ made the right decision. You all want HIM to have accountability and you don’t even question the organization that runs your team. THEY betrayed you silently for 7 years and, like a petulant little child, you blindly blame it on the face of the franchise.

    In 5 years, LBJ will have 3 rings and the Cavs will still be trying to convince a superstar to live in Cleveland. Enjoy the media attention while you’re relevant and it fancies ESPN, Cavs.

  20. I’m ashamed to be a Clevelander. This don’t make no type of sense. Y’all [to whom this may concern] are a bunch of shoulder chipped, petty grudge holding, pussy ass CRY-BABIES!

    1. LeGone James drops 38, welcome back King. Thanks for shitting all over the city of Cleveland for the second time this year.

  21. And Lebron and the Heat shut you all up. @Krista I’m with you. All I hear are a bunch of bitter whiny adults. Lebron could care less about unhappy Cleveland fans. Seems to me all that chanting meant nothing. Hahaha

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