2 Dec

Tonight will be a night unlike any other we will ever experience again. Never in any sport has a player of the magnitude and importance of LeBron James left their hometown on national TV. Then again, this whole saga has been filled with firsts. Tonight, I hope we look for closure.

In the weeks following “The Decision” I wavered between sadness, anger, confusion, and disappointment. Tonight we will primarily see the anger, that is certain. However, what I hope LeBron James understands is what he lost.

LeBron James lost 20,562 loyal fans every night.

LeBron James lost the respect of his peers, and the greats who went before him.

LeBron James lost the chance to be the greatest ever.

LeBron James lost his home.

For all of that, I am sad. I wish he had the courage to continue to fight for a title in Cleveland. He didn’t owe that to us, but he owed it to himself. His heart simply didn’t match his talents.

Maybe he will get a ring somewhere along the way, but on July 8, 2010…LeBron James lost more than he can ever get back.

Tonight, be loud and be proud of your city Cleveland. We’ve got the support of a nation and all eyes will be on us. Don’t let your city down the way LeBron did. Rise up, show him what he lost.

Maybe he’ll finally understand.


Quitness Eve

2 Dec

Merry Quitness Eve Cavs fans,

Over the past 48 hours this movement has been taken to new heights. It should reach (what we think will be) its pinnacle tomorrow morning when we are featured on Good Morning America on ABC. We are scheduled to appear in the first hour.

None of this would have been possible without all of you. Everyone tweeting us, sharing the blog, and spreading the chant sheet has been amazing. We’ve been able to spread the word through just about every local news station and it seems we’ve succeeded in getting the word out.

Our true measure of success comes tomorrow night. We hope it will be a night that Cleveland will remember forever, for all the right reasons. Chanting at LeBron, and cheering on our team…OUR city. The Cavaliers will do the rest.

We ask for all of you who have been a part of this movement to continue to push in these final 24 hours. It wouldn’t be possible without you, and won’t succeed unless we make sure the “fourth quarter” of our efforts is as strong as the first three. Get the word out, send the sheet to co workers and friends, print out extras if you’re going downtown, hand them out at bars, do whatever you have to. Get Cleveland chanting!

We can’t express our gratitude to you enough. Thank you.

Now Cleveland…ALL TOGETHER!!!

Dear Cleveland,

29 Nov


First of all welcome to CavsChants. We’re here to serve two purposes; the first is to make LeBron James feel the pain we all felt when he went on national TV and stabbed our city in the heart. It was a cold, callous, and calculated attack. The second reason is to ensure that Thursday December 2nd 2010 is remembered as a day Clevelanders stood in unity rather than a day that will live in infamy. Cleveland can’t afford another black eye.

So what are we planning? Over the past few days we’ve started to ramp up twitter followers at http://www.Twitter.Com/Cavs_Chants in order to prompt the 20,562 packed inside the Q with various cheers and chants for the return of LeBron James. We want the fan effort to be one of unity and civic pride rather than violence and embarrassment, we hope you will join in this cause.

We will be releasing a “Chant Sheet” tonight (Monday, November 29th, 2010) with 8 chants (and one jingle) to be shouted as loud as possible at #6 of the Miami heat at various points in the game. The sheet will be divided by time, 2 chants each quarter divided by 6 minute intervals (a quarter is 12 minutes). They will be chanted at him every time he touches the ball or goes to the free throw line. They will be hurtful but not over the line vulgar.

We have many chants already picked out but if you’d like to suggest more send them to @Cavs_Chants on Twitter.

Tell everyone you know about the site and the twitter account, the more aware people are the greater chance for success this campaign has.

Chant Sheet will be released at 8.



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